VHM Piston

The VHM pistons has been proven on various GP bikes and have achieved good results. These pistons are lighter weight than the standard pistons, which will improve the engine over revolution characteristics and will provide better throttle response. The surface of the piston has a special roughness for better oiling, which will prevent premature seizure and damage.

The VHM flat top piston, for Honda RS125 et RS 250, is made for use with 0,7 mm piston ring to reduce the friction even more. The piston is sold in a complete Kit together with one 0,7 mm piston ring, one short piston pin of 41 mm and 2 clips.

Do not use other manufacture type 0,7 mm piston ring, piston pin or clips with the VHM pistons.

When using VHM pistons, please do not forget to follow the guideline included with the piston.

Size of piston has been marked on top of the piston


937 – 941


942 – 946


947 – 951


952 – 956


957 – 961


962 – 967



Kit included 1VHM flat piston ø 53.94- ø 53.96
with 1 piston ring 0,7 mm, 1 short piston pin and 2 clips.

Used for Honda RS125 et RS250.

Piston weight : 117 g

Piston ring 0,7 mm selected

Piston ring weight 2,0 g

Piston pin ø 15 short 41mm

Piston pin weight 28,2 g
72071 Clip